Tips to Keep Your Lawn Healthy In Winter

Do not ignore your lawn during the Winter season. Good Winter lawn care leads to a strong Spring Lawn. Here are a few tips to help you prep your lawn for Winter!

  1. APPLY a Winterizer fertilizer! Applying Winterizer provides essential nutrients to your turfgrass. Most of those nutrients are stored and saved for when temperatures warm up, encouraging a stronger Spring Lawn.

  1. STOP weeds before they start! Applying a Pre Emergent weed killer will help your Spring lawn immensely. Broadleaf weeds can be difficult to control, this kills them before they can be seen.

  1. REMOVE thick, heavy, wet, and fallen leaves from your lawn. Heavy, wet, and thick piles of leaves can cause your lawn to suffocate and invites pests and disease to your lawn. If leaves are thin, you can mulch them with your mower. Heavy piles need to be removed.

  1. WATER your lawn as needed. South Texas can experience a wide range of weather and temperatures during traditional winter months. Your lawn is still slowly growing during warm temperatures. Watering once a week might suffice. Check soil and don’t let your lawn dry out completely.

Click product photos below to check out our Winter product recommendations. Have any questions? Leave them in the comments! 


  • John,
    Wait a little closer to Spring before you apply Atrazine. It will target Spring weeds before they emerge!

    Turfco Grass Farms
  • When is the right time to spray Atrazine?

    John Abrahamson

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