Seeing worms in your yard? Army Worms are out!

What do they look like?

Small in size, Army Worms can cause major damage to your lawn. Army Worms vary in color from yellow-green, gray, and shades of brown and green. They are about and inch to an inch and a half in length. Unlike in colder climates, Army Worms are not expected to die out in South Texas.

How do you know if you have them?

Army Worm damage typically first appears at the tip of the leaf (blade) and can look similar to drought stress, brown, dry, and lifeless. 

When do I need to treat my lawn for Army Worms?

When you first see the worms or damage. Army Worms can cause major damage and quick!

Cyonara Insecticide treats Army Worms and a slew of other pests.

Each bottle covers 16,000 square feet and is $26.99.

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