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Seasonal Tips

  • Spring

    Grass is starting to green up and you are ready for some yard work. Keep your eyes open for Brown Patch. If you had it in the Fall, it is more than likely it will appear again. Brown Patch loves nitrogen rich soils and cool damp nights. If you do notice brown patch, a curative application of fungicide will be needed. ALWAYS READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE APPLYING.

  • Summer

    The weather is normally warmer and drier during the summer months. It is advised to water during the cool hours of the day or night to prevent evaporation. Insects such as Chinch Bugs and Grubs can appear. Turf Insecticides can be used to treat these pests to prevent turf damage.

  • Fall

    The days will start to shorten and the grass will be under less stress. However, brown patch could appear this time of year. Fall is a good time to fertilize directly at the root to help the grass store nutrients before going into dormancy. The grass should be requiring less mowing and watering. If you do need to water, do so during the daylight, so chances of getting Brown Patch are lessoned.

  • Winter

    Grass should go dormant this time of year, but an occasional watering will help hold moisture in the root. A light appliction of fertilizer is also recommended to promote root growth. The healthier the roots are, the better the grass will be in the Spring.


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