How to Recognize and Treat Fungus

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How do you know you have a fungus? (See pictures below)

  • Yellowing of grass leaves (blades), sometimes in a circular pattern. (See photo below)
  • Thinning of grass.
  • When dealing with Gray Leaf Spot Fungus, you will see brown lesions on grass leaves (blades). (See photo below)
  • Grass looks brown/dead.
  • Grass will still have an attached root in the soil.

How do you treat a fungus?

  • DO NOT fertilize. Fertilizing will feed the fungus.
  • DO NOT water late in the afternoon/evening. Make sure the blades of grass have time to dry before it gets dark outside.
  • DO apply fungicide to dry grass. Fungicide is available for purchase online and in our office. It typically takes 2 applications.
  • DO spray down your mower with bleach water. It will help prevent it from spreading.
  • DO spray your entire yard. Spray what is affected and what is not. It will help prevent it from spreading.
  • DO regularly water and fertilize your yard throughout the year. This helps keep turf grass strong and not stressed.

Gray Leaf Spot

Brown Patch


(image courtesy of the San Antonio Express News)

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